About Renadyl

About Renadyl

Renadyl – Enteric Dialysis for healthy kidney function and improve quality of life.

“Renadyl ® is a patented proven probiotics formulation to maintain healthy kidney function. It is comprised of three proprietary strains of probiotic bacteria, which utilize nitrogenous waste as food. Nitrogenous waste diffuses from the bloodstream into the colon by a naturally occurring process known as osmosis. 

In people with impaired renal function, more toxins diffuse into the colon. Once the toxins accumulate in high concentrations within the colon, Renadyl® is able to metabolize them and lower the concentration of toxins in the body. Because Renadyl® is able to metabolize nitrogenous waste products in the gut, we know it maintains healthy kidney function and reduces the burden placed on the kidneys. We know this because we’ve conducted many clinical trials with Renadyl® in leading Universities around the world.

Renadyl® –  Patented “Enteric Toxin Reduction Technology”

Reducing the levels of nitrogenous waste products is important to people with reduced renal function because it helps improve their overall quality of life. Nitrogenous waste products such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine have been documented to adversely impact the quality of life.

Renadyl’s® patented “enteric toxin reduction technology” is able to metabolize and remove these molecules from the body.
Probiotics are well documented for their safety when given for extended periods of time. Probiotic bacteria can be found in the foods we eat every day like yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, and so many more. The only side-effects people taking Renadyl® have experienced are minor gas and bloating which subsided after two weeks.
About us

Centaur Pharmaceuticals ranks among India's few, fully integrated pharmaceutical firms with proficiencies across the pharmaceutical value chain. Centaur will leverage Kibow's research expertise and its own strong manufacturing and marketing skills to offer hope in the form of Renadyl to patients in India suffering from CKD.


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