Every disease is associated with the imbalance of the gut microbiome

ETHealthworld spoke to Natarajan Ranganathan, Founder and Managing Director-Research and Development, Kibow Biotech, Newtown Square, USA, to understand the emerging trends in dysbiosis and the launch of Renadyl through Centaur Pharmaceuticals in India.

Centaur-Kibow alliance to market Renadyl

ETHealthworld spoke to SD Sawant, Founder and Managing Director Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai, India, to understand about the alliance between Centaur Pharmaceuticals & Kibow Biotech USA to market RENADYL in India

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Centaur Pharmaceuticals ranks among India's few, fully integrated pharmaceutical firms with proficiencies across the pharmaceutical value chain. Centaur will leverage Kibow's research expertise and its own strong manufacturing and marketing skills to offer hope in the form of Renadyl to patients in India suffering from CKD.


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