Liquids for Healthy Kidneys

Liquids for Healthy Kidneys

Keep your kidneys healthy by being “water wise.” This means drink the right amount of water.

Kidney-friendly foods that count as fluid

•    Coffee and tea ( not bottled)
•    Gelatin
•    Ice chips or cubes
•    Ice cream
•    Juice
•    Milk and milk substitutes
•    Popsicles
•    Sherbet
•    Soup
•    Sorbet

Some kidney-friendly fruits and vegetables that contain fluid but don’t count as part of the fluid allowance include:
Apples Blackberries
Blueberries Broccoli
Cabbage Carrots
Cauliflower Celery
Cherries Cranberries
Cucumbers Brinjals
Grapes Lettuce
Peaches Pears
Peppers Pineapple
Plums Strawberries
Tangerines Zucchini
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